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  • Makua Spry

    Grand Master Steve Spry's American Kenpo is a combination of several Hawaiian and Polynesian martial arts studied and learned from their Masters.

    In 1999, Grand Master Spry took first place in the Masters Division of the International Karate Championships in Long Beach, California. Grand Master Spry was inducted into the TPA's Black Belt Hall Of Fame as The Black Belt Competitor of the Year in 1989, and again in 1997 to The World Black Belt Hall of Fame for his Outstanding Contribution To The Martial Arts.

    Grand Master Spry has enlightened, motivated and inspired thousands of people throughout the world with his knowledge and wisdom. By listening to Grand Master Spry's message, you will learn what a Champion is. It is well documented with Grand Master Spry having over 300 International Karate Victories from students he has trained, that “one does not become a champion until one has realized that they are a Champion!"

    Master Spry has been the recipient of numerous Honors, Awards and Titles, one being "The Master of his Craft." Through his mastery and understanding from God that his gifts are greater than his talents. Grand Master Spry is committed to sharing his:

    Knowledge from Man... Wisdom from God

    Since 1990, Grand Master Steve Spry has produced over 300 International Champions who competed at Grand Master Ed Parker's International Karate Championships held for the past 35 years in Long Beach, California.


    • 1999 Champion, Masters Division, International Karate Championships.
    • Inductee, World Black Belt Hall of Fame for Outstanding Contributions.
    • Inductee, California Black Belt Hall of Fame as Black Belt Competitor of the Year.
    • Recipient of the Prestigious Golden Master Award for Teaching Excellence.
    • Recipient of the Prestigious Hero’s Award.
    • Holder of Numerous State, National and International Titles.
    • Grand Champion in Kata and Fighting.
    • Rated #1 Black Belt Competitor 1989-1991.
    • Over 300 International Victories 1990-1998.

    Experience and Certifications:

    • State Licensed and Certified School.
    • Owner of the World’s Largest IKKI School.
    • Trainer for Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies.
    • Trainer for Special Forces.
    • Staff Karate Instructor for Parks and Recreation.
    • Deacon at St. John’s Lutheran.

    Motion Pictures and Media:

    • Star of IKKI American Kenpo Teaching and Testing Video Series.
    • Featured in Black Belt, Master, Masters & Styles, Secrets of the Masters, and Inside Karate Magazines.
    • Movie: Dragon, The Life Story of Bruce Lee.
    • Featured in the OC Register and LA Times.
    • Special Guest on OCN’s Sport Talk Show.

    Skills and Training:

    • Writer, Author, Producer, Actor and Speaker.
    • Movie Fight Scene Choreographer.
    • Promoter of the Masters Championship.
    • Founder and President of the International Kenpo Karate Institute (IKKI).
    • Christian, Husband, Father, Parent, Teacher, and Martial Artist.

  • American Kenpo

    What is American Kenpo?

    American Kenpo—meaning Law of the Fist—trains and teaches you to think! Through the knowledge learned, you will be able to apply your self-defense skills, hands, feet, elbows, knees, etc. to defend yourself in a moments notice without hesitation.

    The essence of American Kenpo Karate is a weapon-less empty hand style of self-defense. American Kenpo Karate is a modern adaptation of self-defense for survival. American Kenpo is most noted for its emphasis on street self-defense. You will learn street self-defense, both offensive and defensive, for street survival.

    Master Spry's American Kenpo is a combination of several Hawaiian Polynesian martial arts studied and learned from their Masters. Grand Master Spry has great respect and love (Aloha) for the Hawaiian people, their culture and their Martial arts.

    The Hawaiian martial arts lay the foundation of Grand Master Spry's American Kenpo Karate System which is a combination of:

    • Kenpo
    • Lua
    • Lima-Lama
    • Jujitsu
    • Aikido

    These Hawaiian Polynesian martial arts have been passed from father to son for generations in the spirit of Aloha, love and respect, and protect with Mana (power).

    Master Spry's Mana is best viewed in his self-defense techniques and mass attack videos. Review Grand Master Spry’s about section to learn more about the evolution of American Kenpo.

    The American Kenpo Patch

    Like America, the America Kenpo Patch represents a synthesis of ideas, forms and those who embody them. Freedom and opportunity are landmarks, which are held strongly by all of whom involve themselves in the martial arts. These are corner stones in the foundation of American Kenpo.

    The patch is rectangular symbolizing the four corners of the world it touches. Between the black and white background is represented the expanse of its knowledge and wisdom. Two extremes, which meet in the center, like a circle encompassing all. White represents purity, black the depth and mystery of that yet to be known.

    The silver color behind the dragon represents the gray matter of the brain. The brain is the seat of the mind. It burns brightly for those who make it so.

    The flame warns by its nature that it, like American Kenpo, is beautiful to look at and dangerous when touched. The three tips of the flame represent a trinity of stages in martial arts: (1) Primitive (2) Mechanical (3) Spontaneous.

    Chinese writing rises upward from the flame. Its meaning translates, Spirit of the Dragon and Tiger. The tiger represents cunning. It is a powerful predator. Instinct and survival motivate this animal. A beast of flesh and blood, the tiger represents physical strength, passion, courage, desire, fear and anger—the embodiment of our most earthly natures, physical and emotional. Its stripes and coloring represent all the colored belts, white through brown. Coupled with the dragon, the sum is greater than the parts in the quest for knowledge. The dragon stands erect, powerful, proud and strong. They stand together on their foundation: American Kenpo.

    The dragon colors are a combination of all the belt rankings in martial arts—white through black. Dragon means "the seeing one" and in his eyes he sees from beginning to end with white and black representing the respective ranks. In the red tufts beginning at the top of his head to the last dorsal fin down its back and tail are represented the first to the last Grand Master. They are the fuel and they fan the flame of American Kenpo keeping it afire and alive.

    The green scales of the dragon represent the black belts. It is the color of initiation. The dragon gives with his right hand and takes with his left one.

    Nested in the right talon rests the pearl of wisdom. Secured in this seat of power, the Pearl is ready to be passed to those on the quest for it via knowledge. The dragon’s left talon, open, reaches into the gray matter and the recesses of the mind. In this fashion it seeks to draw out potential knowledge and wisdom.

    The dragon symbolizes the embodiment of American Kenpo. Obtaining the Pearl of Wisdom is there for those who seek it with the strength and the Freedom To Think With An Open Mind.

    The American Kenpo Creed

    I come to you with only Karate—empty hands. I have no weapons. But if I should be forced to defend myself, my principles or my honor; should it be a matter of life or death, right or wrong, then here are my weapons: Karate—my empty hands.

  • IKKI

    The International Kenpo Karate Institute (IKKI), founded by Elder Grandmaster Steve Spry, is now being headed up by it's new CEO, Master Edward Chavez Sr. and its board members, Steve Spry, Joe Schreyer, Stephen Kurtzman, Sam MacPherson, Melissa Dalton, & Lee Don Myers.

    The new IKKI is set up and designed to offer support and guidance to any and all martial arts students from beginners to all levels of Black Belts, instructors, teachers, & studio owners.

    The IKKI is here to help any and all styles of martial arts. Under the guidance of EGM's Highest Ranking Black Belt, Master Chavez, with the support of his board members, you have a person and a place you can turn to for all your martial arts needs.

    The intent of the IKKI is not just to help you become a better martial artist. It's goal is to help you become a better you for life.

    Master Chavez is a two time Master's Black Belt Hall of Fame Inductee. He is the only martial artist to ever take first place in Senior Grandmaster Ed Parker's International Karate Championships (IKC) in Kata, Weapons, Kumite, and Team Sparring all in the same year. You will find yourself on the way to greater success in martial arts and in life under Master Chavez's guidance. As Master Chavez reminds us all, Champions Breed Champions.

    Master Chavez knows what it takes to be a Champion for Life. He can take you where no one has ever been before, except him.

    Join the IKKI TODAY! It's your first move towards your life as a Champion.

    Knowledge from Man... Wisdom from God

  • TCB

    You can earn TCBs for all types of activities

    • Participation in Tournaments
    • Good Report Cards
    • Community Service
    • Special Activities/Projects
    • Volunteer Work
    • Grand Champion - 3 TCB's
    • First Place - 2 TCB's
    • Second Place - 1 TCB
    • Third Place - 1 TCB

    For more information ask Makua Steve Spry

  • schools


    Edward Chavez, Sr.
    Edward Chavez Karate Institute
    Avondale, AZ, USA

    Stacy (Andruskiewicz) Domingo
    American Kenpo Karate Institute of Hilo Hawaii
    Hilo, HI, USA

    Sam MacPherson
    Fayetteville, NC, USA


    Buddy Morrison
    631 Old Union Road
    Church Hill, TN, USA

    H-J (Joe) Schreyer
    Bok Lung Martial Arts
    Calgary, Alberta, Canada

    Craig Hamm
    North East Tennessee, USA


    Jody Sasaki
    Oxnard, CA, USA

    Rick Grossman
    Centennial Martial Arts
    Littleton, CO, USA

    Brent Thompson
    Mt Pleasant, IA, USA
    *Received his black belt test the same day as Steve Spry

  • Classes and Programs

    Steve Spry Karate Institute offers group classes and private lessons in our spacious, bright and clean studio. You can also earn your Certified Black Belt Ranking with Grand Master Spry’s home study video series. As you progress in rank, you will receive your new belt ranking and certificate from the IKKI signed by Grand Master Steve Spry.

    You are always welcome to visit our studio and observe classes in session. We offer classes for:

    • Self-defense
    • Kata (forms)
    • Sparring (Kumite)
    • Weapons (private lessons only)

    Group classes and private lessons from qualified instructors are available days and evenings for adults and kids. We provide:

    • Group classes for kids (up to 16 years old).
    • Group classes for adults (16 and up).
    • Private lessons available by appointment.
    • Group classes are FREE with the purchase of private lessons.

    See our current group class pricing and our Black Belt Club lifetime membership special.

    Group classes and private lessons are offered 6 days per week for kids (up to 16) and adults (16 and up). See our schedule for class times. Adults are encouraged to attend the kids classes along with their children.

  • Class Schedule

    Mon Adults
    Self- defense
    All Belts
    Self- defense
    All Belts
    Self- defense
    All Belts
    Self- defense
    All Belts
    Tue Adults
    Self- defense
    All Belts
    All Belts
    Self- defense
    White Belts
    Self- defense
    White Belts
    Sparring Drills
    All Belts
    Self- defense
    All Belts
    wed Adults
    Self- defense
    All Belts
    Self- defense
    All Belts
    White Belts
    Self- defense
    White Belts
    Self- defense
    All Belts
    Thu Adults
    Self- defense
    All Belts
    All Belts
    Self- defense
    White Belts
    Self- defense
    White Belts
    Self- defense
    All Belts
    Self- defense
    All Belts
    fri Adults
    Self- defense
    All Belts
    All Belts
    sat Kids/Teens
    Self- defense
    All Belts
    Self- defense
    All Belts
    Open Sparring
    All Belts
    Open Sparring
    All Belts
  • Pricing

    Group classes and private lessons are offered 6 days per week for kids (up to 16) and adults (16 and up). See our schedule for class times. Adults are encouraged to attend the kids classes along with their children.

    Get FREE group classes with the purchase of private lessons. Call us for our 2 for 1 Special, Family Rates and our Black Belt Club Special.

    Group Classes

    Kids - Teens - Adults
    3-Month Special with Uniform $325

    Groups Only $75
    Group Classes & Private Lessons $175

    Prices are based on a year contract. Month to month is an additional $25 per month.

    2 for 1 Special for New Students Only
    Buy 1 Year Second Year FREE
    Group Classes $1,800
    Private Lessons $8,840
    TOTAL $10,640
    SPECIAL PRICE: $2,100 (savings of $8,540)

    Private half-hour lessons are available by appointment. Fees are based on instructor. Call us for more information.

    Black Belt Club Special

    This lifetime membership includes the following:

    • K.I.S.S. Lifetime Membership
    • I.K.K.I. Lifetime Membership
    • I.K.K.I. Spirit Photo ID & Discount Card
    • Private Lesson - One Per Week to 1st Degree Black Belt
    • All Group Classes
    • All Testing Fees to 1st Degree Black Belt
    • Embroidered Heavyweight Uniform
    • Set of 7 Patches
    • Technique Manual
    • Master Spry’s Complete Video Series

    This package, valued at over $32,000 is only $14,995! Call now to sign up!

  • Belt Rankings

    Steve Spry’s Hawaiian Martial Arts uses a color belt ranking system to show training advancement. Belt promotion tests are given periodically throughout the year.

    The belt system ranges from white to first degree black.

    Color Ranks

    • white
    • green
    • yellow
    • 1° brown
    • orange
    • 2° brown
    • purple
    • 3° brown
    • blue
    • 1° black

    Each belt promotion test requires a fee based on the rank. Call or e-mail us for more information about testing fees.

  • spry black belts

    1st Degree Black Belt

    Victor Amezcua
    Shawnt Azizian
    Brian Bandy
    Brysen Benninger
    Bill Boyce
    Malcolm Brown
    Demir Bukulmez
    Kim Cannady
    Rhiannon (Cramm) Gass
    D.C. Coldwell
    Clark Cole
    Dwane Disbrow
    Cecil Flint
    Paul Garavin
    Kristy Holm
    Shannon Kincaid
    Larry Kinworthy
    Chris Kirby
    Russ Kirby
    Jake Lake
    Robert McCormack
    Kevin McClain
    Chris Merchant
    Stephen Miles
    James Murphy
    Lee Don Myers
    Colin Navickas
    Nancy Preza
    Louis Ramirez
    Juan Salians
    Debra Silverman
    Bill Smith
    Corwin Smith
    Dana Smith
    Ron Spry
    Jarred Sturges
    Frank Tatum
    Bill Wyatt

    2nd Degree Black Belt

    Steve Belanger
    Paul Bernd
    Wayne Chen
    Diane Clark
    Jack Jarvis
    Chuck Madere
    Ron Pitts
    Mason Storm
    Tanya Vera

    3rd Degree Black Belt

    Steve Cooper Melissa Dalton
    Jon Desrosiers
    Michael Eckard
    Kevin Fiske
    Neil Hardin
    Bob Patterson
    Miguel Salinas

    4th Degree Black Belt

    Keith Livingston
    Buddy Morrison
    Kathy Murphy
    Jeff O'Donnell

    5th Degree Black Belt

    Sam MacPherson
    Dominic McGee
    H-J (Joe) Schreyer
    Jamie Seabrook

    6th Degree Black Belt

    Edward Chavez, Sr.
    Stacy (Andruskiewicz) Domingo
    Stephen Kurtzman
    Craig Hamm
    Jody Sasaki

  • Merchandise

    Video Series

    Through this home study video series, your can earn your Certified Black Belt Ranking. Starting at the beginning with yellow belt, Grand Master Spry teaches you all the basics, katas and self-defense techniques that are required for each belt ranking.

    Earn each additional belt ranking while studying alone, with a friend, or in a group. After successfully passing each video test, you will receive your new belt ranking and certificate from the IKKI signed by Grand Master Steve Spry.

    Order the video tape series or singles. See the Getting Started section below for instructions on how to earn your black belt!
    Order Today Call us or click here to download an order form.

    Getting Started

    1. Order the Yellow Belt video series (1, 13, 16 and 25) or one at a time. Study all four videos including the basics, katas, techniques and testing tape until you can perform each move precisely.

    2. Video tape yourself as you respond to Grand Master Spry's voice commands on the testing tape, along with the other students on the video.

    3. Testing Fees: Yellow through Green $35 each rank, 1st Brown $45, 2nd Brown $55, 3rd Brown $65, 1st Black $100, 2nd Black $200, 3rd Black $300.

    4. Mail your video and testing fee to the IKKI Headquarters at:
    6731 Westminster Blvd, Suite 101-B
    Westminster, CA, USA, 92683

    4. Master Spry will review your test personally. Upon passing, you will receive your belt promotion and certificate, signed by Grand Master Spry.

    Order the next series of videos now for your next belt rank. They are listed in the video series table under Tape Numbers. Start with the required Yellow Belt series and add additional videos for each belt rank as you progress.

  • Resources


    Video Series Order Form

    External Links

    Masters Hall of Fame
    visit the website

    San Diego Grand Nationals
    visit the website

    Lua HãLau O Kaihewalu
    Olohe Solomon Kaihewalu is the Grandmaster of the ancient Hawaiian martial art of Lua. Lua has roots in Kenpo Karate and Danzan-Ryu Jujutsu.
    visit his website

    Shuyokan Ryu Yoshinkai Aikido
    Shuyokan Ryu Yoshinkai Aikido under the direction of David Dye Sensei Shodai Soke.
    visit the website


    Master Eric Lee
    "King of Kata" - Prestigious Member of the Black Belt Hall of Fame - Over 100 World Titles in Kata Competition
    visit his website

    Richard Rabago
    "Teaching weapons" - Weapons include Tonfa, Sai, Bo, Kama, & Nunchaku
    visit his website

  • contact us

    Steve Spry Karate Institute
    6731 Westminster Blvd, Suite 101-B
    Westminster, CA, USA, 92683

    Telephone:+1 800 954 SPRY (7779)
    Telephone:+1 714 901 2457
    Fax:+1 714 901 2467
    E-mail: makua@stevespry.com

    Contact form submitted!
    We will be in touch soon.
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